My “Identity” Series explores the perception of memory.  It began with sifting through old photographs with my mother, as we both transitioned into new stages of our lives.  I started to wonder if the memories I had were because of the photographs, or if the images in my mind were truly how I remembered the moment.  This evolved into an examination of the validity of memories.  Was I wearing a red bow or a green one?  A hat or a scarf?  These are merely small details that once remembered and patterned as one way, could not possibly be another.  This also pertains to the emotions or stories tied to the memory and how we perceive the event.  Was my brother jealous of me or proud, or was he staring beyond me at something else?  Was my mother angry or anxious, hopeful or joyful?  Was my father smiling at the current events or thinking of his own distant memories?  How we perceive the events in our past shape our present Identity.  If I alter small details, will this change my perception and therefore change my current self?   

My current journey explores the background, the environment that the memory is created, as well as understanding one's identity within the landscape of our personality.  While the figures are the crisp and photographic evidence of the memory, the surrounding is a compilation of abstract art, disjointed scenery, and text taken from various physical therapy scientific journals.  An identity is the sum of its parts, and while those pieces may vary and may contradict, they come together to make a beautiful whole.  


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