Art is assumed to be merely an imitation of life; however, in actuality, art is truer to reality than common life itself can or will ever be. Occasionally described as just the expression of feeling, art is really the feeling that is the starting point of the spirit. 

Art is the overall conception that allows for existence and essence to coincide perfectly. Because of this concurrence, art cont
ributes to concrete reality more so than life ever has, does, or will. By truly "awakening and vivifying our slumbering feelings, inclinations, and passions of every kind," nature and life become more accessible to the common being. Therefore, absolute truth could not be fully uncovered in the natural world with the aid of works of art. 

First to be discussed is the general theory that art is an imitation of nature and life. From this, it can be seen that art is not so much a reproduction, but more so an absolute form of life and nature because of its immortal and sublime content.