Life is a process.  An ongoing series of transitions from one moment to the next.  A relentless charge forward that occasionally feels like a meaningless tailspin, but it is within these transitions that life breaks open and shows us her meaning. 

Everything contains the potential for a shift.  We all move towards or away something or someone.  We better ourselves, rid ourselves of old habits, gain new talents. 

To understand and share this process in life with myself and ultimately with others, I enjoy an artistic process, one that is ever evolving with new and old media, new and old theories.  I hope to capture the intensity of the transition dynamic in each of my pieces.  The dual points of an important evolution.  Even my darkest work shows the potential for ecstasy;  a sense of sorrow beneath my brightest work.  There can be a sense of calm knowing that no moment is truly just that instant, but an integration of both what was and what is to come.

I have spent a lot of time studying the reason behind creating, the reason behind the institution of art, the techniques of certain art forms, the philosophies of artists.  Now, I spend a lot of time either outdoors, or underneath a table in my studio.  Cocooned.  Emerging.  Transitioning.  Understanding my own technique and philosophy.

‘Life is a process of being broken open. A silk moth emerges from her heat-resistant cocoon with gun-powdered wings. Let the fires roar.’

 -Anne G.  2011

Join the process.