In the past six months, I've had quite a lot of things going on.  After my first half marathon, I immediately got a new job (that is not anywhere near where my other jobs were, disconcerting for me at best).  Although I love the opportunity that this job offers me, it has nothing to do with art or creation, and I spend so much time with my mind on the job, that I haven't even unpacked my studio, which has sat in our new huge basement in Aurora, CO.  After getting the new job, we moved to Aurora.  And everything has stayed in boxes for the last two months.

I haven't quite been running lately, nor painting, nor doing anything that has been Me.  I know in my heart that my job changes peoples' lives.  I watch as people get off medication, lose weight, transform who they and their families are and lead lives to a wonderful potential.  I know I am doing good.  But I worry that it's at the expense of my own potential and happiness.  I would imagine that my boss would say that transforming the world is living out the ultimate potential.  Perhaps I'd rather be less than and go back to what I was doing before.

In the wake of the recent Aurora theater shooting, as for most everyone in response, life has become precious and some things are becoming starkly clear.  I need to sit down and reevaluate what I am doing with my life and what will make me happy and feel fulfilled.

The idea is by August 3rd, I will have our home unpacked and my studio up and running.  Then from there, I am going to attempt the potentially overwhelming task of maintaining a dual life.  The all-encompassing job at the office, which is also a lifestyle and a principle (one which I hold dear and live as well as I can) and the attempt at maintaining my artistic integrity with a home studio and perhaps getting out in to the public arena again, this time with less up front cost.

This is the idea, at least.